Monday, April 21, 2014


          Even though I was very late to hop on this band wagon, no complaints, because here I am! After watching two complete seasons of 'House of Cards' (available on Netflix) marathon in less than three days, I sure as hell know the word 'Pragmatism', the meaning behind it and how efficient it can be . Although....even after binge watching the entire series (2 seasons) I don't think I can actually apply 'Pragmatism' realistically in my life (I wish I could).
         I can go on and on about how this show is such a page turner (or in this case... next episode clicker) but I won't. I feel you have to see it for yourself and then decide if this is your cup of tea.  I would like to add that it is unquestionably addicting and Kevin Spacey is absolutely brilliant! (so are the other actors). Most definitely a #mustwatch .

Have a good day everybody. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014



            As you may have already seen, my 'Peter pan' collar fetish hasn't died yet ( I thought it wouldn't last long) and this dress makes me look like a fourteen year old (which I admit, I don't have to try so hard to achieve ). Pfttt!!! honestly, who cares?! I love how effortless this dress is and sooo very cute (polka dots!) . I swear I would wear this everyday, if I could.
           Since I carry my Macbook all the time & everywhere I go (yes! I am weird like that..) I have my beautiful tote, which my dad kindly gifted me about three years ago, from Woodland ( its a authentic leather product company in India). I love this bag to death, it is very sturdy and big enough to hold my books AND my laptop. P.S. it also oddly looks very similar to the burgundy Marc Jacobs bag.
          Have a good day beautiful people :)


Dress/ Forever21 girls
Watch/ MK Blair rosegold
Bag/ Woodland
Sneakers/ Payless 
Shades/ Cottonon

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quick Lunch

My friend and I decided to grab some lunch after work. Since we both were super tired we headed straight to Chilies for some eggrolls (my favorite ). We caught up on what was going on in our lives and then decided to check out some stores (retail therapy). We both had such a wonderful time hangingout after such a long time. 
I kept my outfit very casual & comfortable, I jazzed up the outfit by wearing some rings. I adore these chevron rings I purchased from Pacsun, they are absolutely gorgeous. All the information on my outfit are listed below.

Thrifted Plaid Shirt, Brandy Melville Muscle Tee, Aeropostale Kylie Jeans, Qupid Loafers, MK watch , Ebay Handbad, RayBan wayfarer, Pac Sun Rings (all), Urban Outfitters Nail Polish, Phone/wallet Cotton on.