Sunday, February 23, 2014

Midi Mania

            So... lately I have been obsessed with one particular trend that seems to have hit me a bit to hard, midi skirts. I have been eyeing this 50’s chic trend for quite a while but was not sure that it would compliment my petite figure and I would just end up looking frumpy (which I absolutely don't want). 
            Topshop has recently come up with amazing high waisted midi skirts and matching crop tops (which can be purchased separately). I have recently come across many fashion bloggers who have adorn them in such a beautiful manner that I decided to jump in the bandwagon too. But unfortunately the Topshop range is way over my budget, and I am not sure if I am willing to invest so much on an item that may or may not suit me. (Many people fail to separate the fact that, what they love on others may not look as good on you and vive versa.)
            Since then I have been looking around for a cheaper alternative to this midi trend. I found a maxi skirt I already owned and worn quite a few times. Instead of wearing it on the waist, I wore it like tube dress and synched it on the waist with a skinny belt. Then I wore my all time favorite cardigan for this winter, (which amazingly goes with every outfit,of every color and also manages to make me look good every-time!) as a top, tucked it inside the belt and pulled out the rest carefully hiding the belt. I kept the accessories simple, just a watch, gold chain necklace and a clutch. 
            I am amazed that the outfit came together so well. Thankfully I could capture the outfit just in time before the beautiful sunset (reason for the changes in colors in each shot!).



H&M Sweater, Forever 21 maxi Skirt, thrifted belt, Forever 21 chain necklace, TJ Maxx shoes,  Guess Wallet (gift)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Instant Coffee

            It has been cold here at Dallas this last week. nothing feels more appealing than sitting at home and watching romantic-comedy movies (snuggling with my blanket), but after staying cooped up at home for the past week, I am ready to face the cold (not really!). Well, I decided to go out and grab some hot coffee and meet up with friends. I love my American Apparel disco pants, they go along with almost everything and looks fancy without trying too hard. Of course I layered it with my parka jacket (Instagram) to keep me warm and cozy.

Stay warm everyone.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bourbon Street

Last week my cousin and I went to visit a friend. It so happens that she lives very close to one of the most beautiful cities in the World! So after an hour and a half drive from Lake Charles, Louisiana, we just happened to say a quick 'Hi' to the beautiful world of New Orleans and the very infamous Bourbon Street. The nightlife was as wild and as crowded as predicted. 
The next morning we decided to look around at the old French Quarter. It was absolutely beautiful, and I did manage to capture some of its magnificence (and hopefully it does some justice.) I really loved the open breakfast areas, shopping arena to collect some souvenirs and most importantly the huge area separated exclusively for pedestrians. It was a huge change compared to the non-pedestrian friendly Dallas. Since it was very chilly but thankfully the sun had come up, I was able to take few photographs of myself without my parka jacket. The key is to layer, and if you start feeling hot as the temperature goes up (like it did to me) you can continue taking off your layer and yet be comfy without getting too cold or too hot.
As we left the city and I bid farewell, I promised New Orleans that I would come visit again… very soon.

                Forever 21 Boater, Thrifted Plaid Shirt (similar), F21 T-shirt, PacSun JeansAldo Booties, Vintage Chanel, Michael Kors watch, Ray-ban Wafer

Monday, February 3, 2014



After much contemplation and hesitation on starting the blog, I finally decided to start this blog sitting at the corner of the Starbucks (I know, very touché). But on my defense, this was the only place I could separate myself from everything else and give my hundred percent commitment. New place, new projects!!
As this will be my very first post of my new blog, I would like to introduce myself formally. My name is Sabashree (pronounced like Sebastian, but instead the -ian in it is replaced by -ree), a 22-year-old girl on her attempt to write a blog for the very first time.
I am still not sure what my blog is going to be about, but I have decided to be very patience and let myself some time to grow and decide on what course this blog might take. I promise that it will be a mixed bag of everything, and hope it turns out as good as I picture it inside my head.

See you soon