Friday, May 2, 2014

Black is the new Black

          This Outfit of the Day shows how I am able to recreate a new look by repeating what you have in your closet. Matter of fact, I have worn all of these pieces and coincidentally posted them individually on this blog. For instance the dress here I have worn is in my Show Some Skin post and the Top in my Austin post. Since it was a day time look I went with my bowler hat and my boots, giving me a more laid back feel.


Top/ H&M
Dress/ F21
Bag/ Ebay
Watch/ MK
Boots/ Aldo
Necklace/ Rue21

Monday, April 21, 2014


          Even though I was very late to hop on this band wagon, no complaints, because here I am! After watching two complete seasons of 'House of Cards' (available on Netflix) marathon in less than three days, I sure as hell know the word 'Pragmatism', the meaning behind it and how efficient it can be . Although....even after binge watching the entire series (2 seasons) I don't think I can actually apply 'Pragmatism' realistically in my life (I wish I could).
         I can go on and on about how this show is such a page turner (or in this case... next episode clicker) but I won't. I feel you have to see it for yourself and then decide if this is your cup of tea.  I would like to add that it is unquestionably addicting and Kevin Spacey is absolutely brilliant! (so are the other actors). Most definitely a #mustwatch .

Have a good day everybody. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014



            As you may have already seen, my 'Peter pan' collar fetish hasn't died yet ( I thought it wouldn't last long) and this dress makes me look like a fourteen year old (which I admit, I don't have to try so hard to achieve ). Pfttt!!! honestly, who cares?! I love how effortless this dress is and sooo very cute (polka dots!) . I swear I would wear this everyday, if I could.
           Since I carry my Macbook all the time & everywhere I go (yes! I am weird like that..) I have my beautiful tote, which my dad kindly gifted me about three years ago, from Woodland ( its a authentic leather product company in India). I love this bag to death, it is very sturdy and big enough to hold my books AND my laptop. P.S. it also oddly looks very similar to the burgundy Marc Jacobs bag.
          Have a good day beautiful people :)


Dress/ Forever21 girls
Watch/ MK Blair rosegold
Bag/ Woodland
Sneakers/ Payless 
Shades/ Cottonon

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quick Lunch

My friend and I decided to grab some lunch after work. Since we both were super tired we headed straight to Chilies for some eggrolls (my favorite ). We caught up on what was going on in our lives and then decided to check out some stores (retail therapy). We both had such a wonderful time hangingout after such a long time. 
I kept my outfit very casual & comfortable, I jazzed up the outfit by wearing some rings. I adore these chevron rings I purchased from Pacsun, they are absolutely gorgeous. All the information on my outfit are listed below.

Thrifted Plaid Shirt, Brandy Melville Muscle Tee, Aeropostale Kylie Jeans, Qupid Loafers, MK watch , Ebay Handbad, RayBan wayfarer, Pac Sun Rings (all), Urban Outfitters Nail Polish, Phone/wallet Cotton on. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Eye of a Tiger

Last week was not very eventful, although I did managed to snag few things from the mall (I was just looking around....) . The huge sale at Dillard's was very enticing, which of course, someone like me could never resist. I purchased a T-shirt for such a bargain ( $7 to be exact) and instantly fell in love. :)
The very next day I took the opportunity to test drive my newfound love (Oh! how very dramatic!) when I went out to my friend's place. The pleather sleeves give this simple top a certain kind of edginess, and the Tiger on it resembles the Kenzo tiger (which has been such a big trend since last winter, but this however is such a cheap alternative). I paired it with my ever so coveted AA Disco pants and my old loafers (it looks quite beaten up because of the amount of use I have put it through, but honestly I like that way it is now, gives it some character). 
I haven't accessorized too much, just my regular MK watch and my gold rings. Although, went with a darker shade for my lips this time and the wayfarer to protect my eyes. The handbag is also a recent purchase (maybe a month or so). As you may have already have guessed, this bag is such a good knockoff of the Mulberry bag; I purchased this from eBay and it was very (very) inexpensive (all links down below) so I thought I might as well get it!! I honestly did not expect much from this bag; given the price, I was sure it would look nothing like the picture or/and the quality would be horrendous! To my surprise, I quite like it and the quality is not bad either (It may wear off pretty soon though… I hope not).
See you soon :)

Top DillardsAA Disco pants Qupid Loafers, Old Aeropostal Varsity jacket, MK watch, Ray ban wayfarer, EBay handbag, Lips Revlon black cherry 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Austin time (2)

The Next Day at Austin,
      We woke up late the next day, grabbed some breakfast and decided to go to the Botanical Garden, Austin. Since it was early spring, there were few flowers in full bloom. Nevertheless, we carried on and walked around the garden. The Japanese garden was my favorite part because of the beautiful green bamboo trees (which compensated for the absence of flowers)! 
       The outfit here (as you may have already noticed, is recycled from previous look), I held on to the white blazer and my sneakers. The leather skirt is very versatile (can be dressed up or down), the silver zippers on sides streamlines the body and makes yr torso look longer (shhh!!). The crop top has a boxy silhouette, which I love! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Austin Time (1)

H&M Shirt, Thrifted Blazer, Ideal Trousers, Aldo Boots, H&M sunnies, Vintage Chanel Bag

          Spring is finally here!!! Well, at least the much-awaited Spring Break is here. :)

Some of my friends and I headed to Austin last weekend for some spring-break/birthday-celebration mash up (since you know.... when you are too busy to do anything, try killing two birds with one stone!). Anyways, we planned a two-day trip to Austin, hoping to catch the tail end of the South-by-South West Festival (SXSW). Austin is around four-hour drive from Dallas, so after we reached our hotel at Austin, we quickly freshened up and changed to go Kayaking. The weather was so wonderful and we had such a lovely time (Details below). By one hour, we all were exhausted and famished. 

          We drove to Oasis, Austin (30 mins drive) to grab some meal before heading out to the festival. The sunset was amazing and the colors were magnificent; the way each sunray hit the lake just before the water swallowed it. It reminded me of what exactly Peeta was referring to, when he explained Katniss his favorite color (the Hunger Games series, if you know what I mean..Cheers!).

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sweater Weather

              Wintertime is the quintessential time for wearing slouchy sweaters, and what better way to step up the game but by wearing it in white. The white brightens up the whole look yet keeping the look very casual. This pair of jeans is a hand me down from my cousin, although it was a size or two bigger than me. Since the jeans were so worn-in and comfortable it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.  I have been wearing these jeans as a 'boyfriend' jeans; I also roll it up at the bottom, making the jeans look more fitted. Lastly, in order to make this look more feminine; I decided to paired it up with these heels (which honestly goes along with everything I wear!). Since I was going out, and it had started to get dark, I decided to throw on a coat, just in case it gets chilly. :)
           Weather is slowly getting warmer now, I am so excited for spring time. Whether you are spending time with family, going out with your friends, or spending a quality ME time; I hope everyone has a great spring break. :)


Forever 21 sweater, PacSun Jeans (old), Gifted Coat, Michael Kors watch, Ray ban aviators, TJmaxx.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Show Some Skin


         Last week was so beautiful (it was sunny and warm), if you don't count the last day of the week (when we had freezing icy rain!). Dallas has been suffering bi-polar weather, the day I shot these pictures, the temperature was in 80s and the very next day it was in 20s! Thankfully spring is just around the corner.
        The main focus here is the dress, a little black dress with a twist. The silhouette of the dress is very simple but the cut out gives the illusion that I am wearing two different pieces (a crop top and a skirt). The dress shows just some amount of skin, perfect for dressing it up and down (like so...). Versatility is the key here, there are more ways to wear this dress.

Stay warm


Forever 21 dress, Aeropostal Cardigan, Rue 21 locket, Lola Statement Necklace, Payless canvas sneaker, Pumps (gifted), Forever 21 Faux leather jacket.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Midi Mania

            So... lately I have been obsessed with one particular trend that seems to have hit me a bit to hard, midi skirts. I have been eyeing this 50’s chic trend for quite a while but was not sure that it would compliment my petite figure and I would just end up looking frumpy (which I absolutely don't want). 
            Topshop has recently come up with amazing high waisted midi skirts and matching crop tops (which can be purchased separately). I have recently come across many fashion bloggers who have adorn them in such a beautiful manner that I decided to jump in the bandwagon too. But unfortunately the Topshop range is way over my budget, and I am not sure if I am willing to invest so much on an item that may or may not suit me. (Many people fail to separate the fact that, what they love on others may not look as good on you and vive versa.)
            Since then I have been looking around for a cheaper alternative to this midi trend. I found a maxi skirt I already owned and worn quite a few times. Instead of wearing it on the waist, I wore it like tube dress and synched it on the waist with a skinny belt. Then I wore my all time favorite cardigan for this winter, (which amazingly goes with every outfit,of every color and also manages to make me look good every-time!) as a top, tucked it inside the belt and pulled out the rest carefully hiding the belt. I kept the accessories simple, just a watch, gold chain necklace and a clutch. 
            I am amazed that the outfit came together so well. Thankfully I could capture the outfit just in time before the beautiful sunset (reason for the changes in colors in each shot!).



H&M Sweater, Forever 21 maxi Skirt, thrifted belt, Forever 21 chain necklace, TJ Maxx shoes,  Guess Wallet (gift)