Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Show Some Skin


         Last week was so beautiful (it was sunny and warm), if you don't count the last day of the week (when we had freezing icy rain!). Dallas has been suffering bi-polar weather, the day I shot these pictures, the temperature was in 80s and the very next day it was in 20s! Thankfully spring is just around the corner.
        The main focus here is the dress, a little black dress with a twist. The silhouette of the dress is very simple but the cut out gives the illusion that I am wearing two different pieces (a crop top and a skirt). The dress shows just some amount of skin, perfect for dressing it up and down (like so...). Versatility is the key here, there are more ways to wear this dress.

Stay warm


Forever 21 dress, Aeropostal Cardigan, Rue 21 locket, Lola Statement Necklace, Payless canvas sneaker, Pumps (gifted), Forever 21 Faux leather jacket.

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