Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bourbon Street

Last week my cousin and I went to visit a friend. It so happens that she lives very close to one of the most beautiful cities in the World! So after an hour and a half drive from Lake Charles, Louisiana, we just happened to say a quick 'Hi' to the beautiful world of New Orleans and the very infamous Bourbon Street. The nightlife was as wild and as crowded as predicted. 
The next morning we decided to look around at the old French Quarter. It was absolutely beautiful, and I did manage to capture some of its magnificence (and hopefully it does some justice.) I really loved the open breakfast areas, shopping arena to collect some souvenirs and most importantly the huge area separated exclusively for pedestrians. It was a huge change compared to the non-pedestrian friendly Dallas. Since it was very chilly but thankfully the sun had come up, I was able to take few photographs of myself without my parka jacket. The key is to layer, and if you start feeling hot as the temperature goes up (like it did to me) you can continue taking off your layer and yet be comfy without getting too cold or too hot.
As we left the city and I bid farewell, I promised New Orleans that I would come visit again… very soon.

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