Monday, April 21, 2014


          Even though I was very late to hop on this band wagon, no complaints, because here I am! After watching two complete seasons of 'House of Cards' (available on Netflix) marathon in less than three days, I sure as hell know the word 'Pragmatism', the meaning behind it and how efficient it can be . Although....even after binge watching the entire series (2 seasons) I don't think I can actually apply 'Pragmatism' realistically in my life (I wish I could).
         I can go on and on about how this show is such a page turner (or in this case... next episode clicker) but I won't. I feel you have to see it for yourself and then decide if this is your cup of tea.  I would like to add that it is unquestionably addicting and Kevin Spacey is absolutely brilliant! (so are the other actors). Most definitely a #mustwatch .

Have a good day everybody. 


  1. I haven't got into this show yet! xx