Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Austin Time (1)

H&M Shirt, Thrifted Blazer, Ideal Trousers, Aldo Boots, H&M sunnies, Vintage Chanel Bag

          Spring is finally here!!! Well, at least the much-awaited Spring Break is here. :)

Some of my friends and I headed to Austin last weekend for some spring-break/birthday-celebration mash up (since you know.... when you are too busy to do anything, try killing two birds with one stone!). Anyways, we planned a two-day trip to Austin, hoping to catch the tail end of the South-by-South West Festival (SXSW). Austin is around four-hour drive from Dallas, so after we reached our hotel at Austin, we quickly freshened up and changed to go Kayaking. The weather was so wonderful and we had such a lovely time (Details below). By one hour, we all were exhausted and famished. 

          We drove to Oasis, Austin (30 mins drive) to grab some meal before heading out to the festival. The sunset was amazing and the colors were magnificent; the way each sunray hit the lake just before the water swallowed it. It reminded me of what exactly Peeta was referring to, when he explained Katniss his favorite color (the Hunger Games series, if you know what I mean..Cheers!).

Payless sneakers, DIY shorts

          Later we hit the streets to catch some SXSW festival fun ( I changed my shorts for AA disco pants). We went to few clubs, and listened to live music for the rest of the evening. Since it was my friend’s birthday we headed home after and celebrated his birthday by blowing out some candles and eating some cake.


  1. Love the outfit that you're wearing. The pictures are amazing.
    You've got a new follower on Bloglovin!

    Have a nice day!


  2. your outfit(s) are so beautiful! and that terrasse construction looks amazing! seems like you totally enjoyed that day(:

    1. thanks darling,
      yes! the scenery was amazing and so was the food!
      thanks for your comment

    2. hey, do send me your blog link, i will check it out :)